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Corporate Catering for breakfasts, luncheons, networking events, and more

From corporate breakfast deliveries + luncheons, to team building events + networking meetings, Easy Entertaining should be your go-to caterer for all corporate needs, big or small. Good food and good business make the perfect partnership and we're here to help your business with it's catering needs. If you need a catered lunch meeting or fully serviced soiree, Easy Entertaining will leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and your brand.

Full service catering for social celebrations

It's time to be a presence at your own party. Forget spending 36 hours grocery shopping and another 24 hours preparing everything, only to have to clean it all up. Celebrate the birthday, congratulate the graduate, shower the bride with gifts and affection, and most importantly - eat the food! We're dedicated to providing the most effortless entertaining experience so you can truly be a guest at your own party.

Full service wedding catering

This is your day. This is a day to serve amazing food - show stopping, "better than you've ever had at a wedding," food. Be original. Make this your wedding. Put your stamp on it! It's just one day, but it's also the beginning of your tomorrows. This is a special day and it's time to use a special caterer. It's time to use a caterer that only serves 15 couples per year. Why? Because we're not a wedding factory. We customize it all. We love it all. Let's serve some real food. Some knock-your-socks-off, holy moly, "I never knew food could be that good at a wedding," food.

Catering delivery services available throughout Rhode Island

If you're looking for a happy medium between not stressing over the food and preparation but you don't want a fully serviced + staffed event, we can help with that too! We've got a variety of delivery + pick-up services available to fully cater or supplement your next soiree with ease. We offer delivery + set-up packages, holiday dinners, a la carte hors d'oeuvres and platters, and more to make your entertaining efforts glow with ease.

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