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What do you think of when you hear the word "catering"? Perhaps you envision a team of chefs bustling through your kitchen to curate a great meal served by a team of service professionals. Or maybe you think of your local deli or prepared foods shop that you call; they know you by name and you place an order for some trays of hors d'oeuvres, or even entree, side, and dessert options. They do all the work for you and you just have to pick it up, warm it, and take the credit!

Both of these services could be defined as catering. However, these aren't the only types of catering services in existence. We're here to clear the air and discuss the many options you have when it comes to catering (with us, anyway).

Fully Serviced Events

Remember that team of bustling chefs and service professionals we mentioned above? Here's where they come out to play.

For us, a fully serviced event means we will send a Lead Chef, a Lead Service Professional, an Event Manager, and other team members to help the team leaders make the event a success. This service is for the client who wants to be able to enjoy every aspect of the party without having to lift a finger. Our team generally arrives 1.5-2 hours ahead of the event start time, sets up, and ensures the event is a true success for both hosts & guests.

This service is great for: weddings, bridal/baby showers, graduation parties, anniversary parties, + more.

Drop + Style Events

Sometimes you don't need all the fuss of chefs and servers, but you still want things to look nice, right?

We recently launched our "Drop and Style" services which, in our opinion, is the best of both worlds when it comes to catered events. This service will give you the ease and look of a serviced event without the service team.

So what does "Drop and Style" mean?

It's pretty simple. We've got packages of tasting tables that we will deliver to your home or venue and set up on our decor and china instead of on disposable platters. This service gives you the elegance of a serviced event but is more friendly to your wallet. The best part? You don't even have to wash our decor and china items - just scrape them clean and we'll return to pick them up and wash them in our kitchen!

This service is great for: graduation parties, networking events, corporate meetings, bridal/baby showers, + more.

Drop + Set Deliveries

Treat us like you would your friends at the local deli. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we'll do our best to make it happen and you get the credit from your guests for a delicious meal.

Our drop + set services are an easy solution for anyone who wants our food but doesn't want to deal with all the fuss of a fully serviced event. Our food comes to you wrapped on black disposable platters and our wonderful delivery team will line your table with the brown paper display you see above to make everything nice and pretty for your guests. Everything will come labeled so you know what's in the packaging and we're happy to leave it like that for you to unwrap when the time comes or to unwrap for you right before your guests arrive. Abracadabra, just like that you have a scratch-made, mouthwatering spread for those guests you're trying to impress.

This service is great for: birthday parties, corporate meetings/luncheons, networking events, meet and greets, and more!

A la Carte Ordering

Hosting a dinner party always seems like a fun idea in theory, doesn't it? Then you're standing at your kitchen counter with a knife in one hand, radishes on your cutting board, a sink full of dishes, and your guests are coming in an hour. Who needs that kind of stress?

We've got an entire a la carte menu available for you to order items to supplement (or fully cater) your next soiree. All of these items will come wrapped, labeled, and delivered cold with reheating instructions for you to re-warm, set out on your own platters, and look like the host/hostess with the most!

This service is great for: supplemental catering, dinner parties, and holidays!

- - -

See? There are many layers to the catering onion, so-to-speak. Kudos for making it all the way through this post. Now that you're well informed on all your catering options, we hope to connect with you the next time you need any of the above services! Never hesitate to say hi and contact us at if you need assistance!

'till next time,

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