Corporate Team Building

Team Building [teem-bil-ding]


a collective term that categorizes various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define rolls within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

Everyone interprets the term "team building" differently and we embrace that here. Whether team building means an event that is more of a social gathering with your colleagues after-hours or is more construed as an interactive event that involves some sort of light-hearted competition, we love putting these types of events together with our clients.

A unique service we developed in regards to team building events are packages that combine the entertainment of our cooking classes with the fluidity and ease of a cocktail party. We developed two types of corporate cooking class packages:

Corporate Learn & Mingle packages are classes that are demonstration-based. Your group gets a private cooking class experience with tastes of each recipe demonstrated & a printed copy of all the recipes to take home. After class your team gets to enjoy a 1.5 hour cocktail mingle to unwind and enjoy each other's company outside of the workplace.

Hands-on Team Building & Mingle packages are classes that are more hands-on and incorporate that light-hearted competition we mentioned earlier. This package also includes that 1.5 hour cocktail mingle you'll get to enjoy after class.

These corporate bundles are always available for use in collaboration with renting our Cafe space, but they're also available off-site, like this featured event that was hosted at Newport Vineyards.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to showcase this amazingly enjoyable corporate team building event with the help of some industry friends.

This showcase incorporated a combination of our hands-on pasta making class, Fatto a Mano, with a floral design class from our friends at The Local Bouquet. Additionally, we hosted a cocktail hour followed by a team dinner all surrounded by the beautiful grape vines at Newport Vineyards.

This was a really fun concept to feature and it's a service we love to provide to clients. While we realize this is top of the scale when it comes to events of this caliber, we have options and packages available for all types of corporate and private clients. If you're ready to start planning an event for your team, we're ready to help! Inquiries can be sent in via our website here, via e-mail to, or over the phone at (401) 437-6090 x2.

'Till next time

Easy Entertaining

Vendors: Catering & Cooking Classes: Easy Entertaining | Florals and Floral Design Class: The Local Bouquet | Venue & Bar Services: Newport Vineyards | Rental Services: PEAK Event Services | Event Planning Services: The Savory Affair | Photography: Blueflash Photography

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