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S O C I A L  O C C A S I O N S

Enjoy the act of hosting with the services of Easy Entertaining. Serve a menu that will make a lasting impression on your guests with minimal effort on your part so you can be truly present to enjoy life's occasions.

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We truly excel at celebrating! Whether you're entertaining an intimate crowd or hundreds of guests our team will take care of you to make sure your event's menu and details come together seamlessly.


We offer additional services for when you need something to supplement your own cooking or want our food and aesthetic without service! Our Delivery & Drop and Style Services are the perfect answer to casual occasions.


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"They catered my fathers 70th, and were so easy to work with, showed up on time, staff was very nice, all went off without a hitch, oh and most importantly the food was very good, loved the apps, and  food."

— S.C., RI


"Trust these guys to do everything with grace and elegance. We loved the space, people raved about the food, and the staff was fabulous. Kait and her team are the very best people we have encountered in the hospitality industry. Complete pros and people you'd want to know as friends."

— Paul, RI

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